MLB data through querying on by @sdql

This is awesome. I have been looking for game data in the MLB for the 2015 season, and although boxscores are fairly easy to find per day, to get them as one dataset is a lot harder. Yes, you can write a Python script that automatically pulls this data per day, but I found something far easier: SDQL, or sports data query language. Perhaps I have been under a rock for years, but to me this was an exciting find.

It is simple, and gives access to a lot of data in a format you can define yourself. I have a background in data and some SQL, but it really isn’t too hard to figure out by reading the documentation. For example, the following query: “date, game number, team, runs, hits, errors, o:team,o:runs, o:hits, o:errors, attendance, series game, total@season=2015” gives this result:

Exactly what I needed!

So thank you @sdql for providing this great tool!

[MLB data through querying on by @sdql]