Comparing R and Python

Again, Vik doesn’t just write about the pro’s and con’s of these two languages, but compares them practically by going through a number of activities side-by-side.

His conclusions, in short:

· R is more functional, Python is more object-oriented

· R has more data analysis built-ins, Python relies on packages

· Python has “main” packages for data analysis tasks, R has a larger ecosystem of small packages

· R has more statistical support in general

· It’s usually more straightforward to do non-statistical tasks in Python

· There are many parallels between the data analysis workflow in both

PS I forgot to add the link to the previously posted article about Python data visualization tools. It can be found here.


Just what I was looking for: Python data viz libraries compared by @vikparuchuri HT@dataelixir

Vik provides brief insight in some Python data visualization libraries, but he does so with practical examples on how the libraries can be used. Good article to get more familiar of options and when to use them.

[Just what I was looking for: Python data viz libraries compared by @vikparuchuri HT@dataelixir]

Automate the boring stuff with Python

Automate the boring stuff with Python is an online book (it can also be purchased here or at Amazon) that explains Python at a beginner’s level for practical use.

There are also videos available by the author, that cover the books content: on Youtube you can find the first 15 or so, but all of them are available through And the good part is, those are now available for free with coupon code BORING_FOR_FREE, I believe until October 2oth or so.

So if you are new to Python (or like me have used it eons ago and need a big refresh) and want to get to know it and learn how to use for practical tasks, this might be the book for you. And all it takes is an internet connection and for the videos you will have to create a Udemy account.

I just wanted to state I am not affiliated to the book, not do I even know the author. But when someone provides good content for free I believe it is worth sharing.

[Automate the boring stuff with Python]

Web Scraping 101 with Python & Web Scraping 201: finding the API

I found some articles that explain very clearly how to use Python for web scraping (for non-advanced Python users)

In between these two articles he also wrote:

Then I noted a large number of other interesting articles on Greg Reda’s (; @gjreda) blog, so I would just recommend checking it out: