Quora list of Data Science related courses

In a search for data visualization courses I found this – little dated – list of courses, especially in the answer of Quora User, Australian Data Engineer, shown below. So far I can only comment on the Harvard course, for which I find the theoretical part to be very useful and valuable (especially since it is free, but I mean from a time-investment perspective) so far, at lecture 6, but I need to warm up to the Lab sessions.

Let’s consider your options for a "low cost" online data science education, with my bias of course – all of these options can either be done for free by auditing the course or you can find lectures, labs and other materials of these courses by Googling!

*All Prices in USD

Cost: $441

What I like is that after you do this course you can say you have a ‘certificate‘ from ‘John Hopkins University‘ – sure this isn’t the exact truth though personally that is what I would do. Jeff Leeks who teaches the course is a really good teacher however for me, being someone who is familiar with R (I have done one of Jeff’s MOOCs before), I am not sure if it will be worth it for me in particular.

Cost: Minimum $800 (complete each course in a month), however recommended $1450

I signed up for the new data science courses as soon as I heard of them. However I have recently received a refund after seeing the quality of their recent courses (introduction to data science, hadoop and mobile web) which haven’t been up to the standard I need to justify the course. It seems that the recent Udacity courses are becoming less and less about content and more about getting a certificate (which makes them money.)

I have heard really poor things about MonogoDB (mainly from Hacker News) and I really didn’t like the Hadoop course (I have no idea who their target market was for this course – I think it damaged their brand a lot.)

edX 15.071x: The Analytics Edge
Cost: Minimum $100

I am excited about this course. The data science courses I have listed above seem to be appropriate for software engineers who want to learn the basics of data science, bluntly, a sort of glorified STATS101. This course however goes beyond the programming and goes into business cases for data science and how to leverage it which is more appropriate for me.

UW Professional & Continuing Education Certificate in Data Science
Cost: $3,267

This is REALLY CHEAP for a certificate from a reputable university. UW offers a few courses on Coursera which I would look up, I did their data science course and even though it wasn’t as good as I hoped, it was one of the better MOOCs I have done.

Stanford University Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate
Cost: $13,440 to $19,800

This is a cream of the crop course, however the price is way too high for me (and I guess you.) I’d love my employer to pay for me to do this course! The book "Mining of Massive Data Sets" is available for free and I would totally recommend it.

Harvard Exchange: Online Course Offerings
In particular Data Science | Harvard Extension School
Cost: $2,050

Harvard’s CS109 is an eye opening, absolutely awesome course which I would without a doubt recommend as the first place for anyone to look if you want an education in data science. While at the moment there is no certificate associated with data science from Harvard Exchange I would be very surprised if one wasn’t planned to be released within the next two years. Their visualization course looks REALLY good too.

Check this page for more: CS109 Data Science