Not sure how “best” is determined, but nice list of tools

The 14 Best Data Visualization Tools

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Using RStudio as an interactive GIS with Leaflet

by @kyle_e_walker, forwarded by @kenwtong

For exploratory GIS work, I have hesitated to use R instead of ArcGIS or QGIS due to a lack of visual interactivity. One of the things I have appreciated about desktop GIS software is its ability to run a function and then show the results in an interactive data view that I can zoom and pan around. However, with the new Leaflet package for R by RStudio, I can use RStudio in this way for exploratory GIS.

I’ve put together a few examples to show my GIS students at TCU, and I thought I’d share how I created them to demonstrate the interactive GIS functionality that is now in RStudio.