MLB data through querying on by @sdql

This is awesome. I have been looking for game data in the MLB for the 2015 season, and although boxscores are fairly easy to find per day, to get them as one dataset is a lot harder. Yes, you can write a Python script that automatically pulls this data per day, but I found something far easier: SDQL, or sports data query language. Perhaps I have been under a rock for years, but to me this was an exciting find.

It is simple, and gives access to a lot of data in a format you can define yourself. I have a background in data and some SQL, but it really isn’t too hard to figure out by reading the documentation. For example, the following query: “date, game number, team, runs, hits, errors, o:team,o:runs, o:hits, o:errors, attendance, series game, total@season=2015” gives this result:

Exactly what I needed!

So thank you @sdql for providing this great tool!

[MLB data through querying on by @sdql]


Calgary Crime Statistics data visualized

Calgary provides police reports on the city crime statistics, but they are not easily consumed. With Tableau Public I have tried to provide insight in these statistics in the following dashboard.
Calgary Crime Statistics Dashboard

Although Tableau Public has an embedding function, WordPress doesn’t appear to like it as the result was appalling. So for now, viewing the dashboard works best by going through Tableau website itself, linked above.

It shows general crime trends, details per community, year and category,
the crime-to-population ratio for communities,
Crime population ratio
and allows users to compare up to three communities:
Comparing crime between communities

I am happy that the city makes this data available, but I would hope they did so in a more readable and usable format. I hope this dashboard will help exposing this data to the people in Calgary.