D3 tutorial ht @nadiehbremer

AE59_ZmQ_normal.jpeg Nadieh Bremer (@NadiehBremer)
2015-07-02, 07:07
New #D3js tutorial! Easily use a voronoi grid to improve a #dataviz interactive experience visualcinnamon.com/2015/07/vorono… pic.twitter.com/kZEKp0EJxV

15 JavaScript Charting Libraries (HT @fazlerocks)


An interesting list of charting libraries including D3, Highcharts and Google charts. His conclusion is in line with my thoughts so far (and mine are based on far less comparisons): "It now depends on you to select the best charting library for your future projects. Developers who like to have all the controls over their charts will definitely opt for D3.js"

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